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Little Treasures Schoolhouse is a family-like community of learning.  With three different locations, we provide quality education and care to children ages 6 weeks – 5th Grade.  Little Treasures Schoolhouse founded by Mary Grimmer in 2002 is a true family-run business, with many family members working either full or part-time. Mary has provided care to children in the Reading and surrounding communities since 1995.  


Mary Grimmer - Founder, owner & Executive Director

Mary is the founder, owner, and Executive Director of LTS.  Mary is dedicated, driven, and passionate about early childhood education. Her love for children is evident not only in the care she provides for her own four children but in the way she organizes and manages LTSH. She is constantly in motion, always finding ways to improve the work and child care environment she has created.  Her warm and caring ways allow staff, children, and parents to feel the love of the LTSH family.  Mary brings a strong business and administrative background to LTSH. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Finance, with a minor in Economics. Mary ran a family daycare from her home from 1995 until 2002.  In 2002, Mary and her husband fulfilled their dream and opened Little Treasures Schoolhouse.  She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in Advanced Leadership in Early Childhood Education.  Mary never stops reaching for her next goal and encourages those around her to keep growing and pursuing their best self.

Beth Benevento – Reading Director

Beth is very much at the heart and soul of Little Treasures!  She is dependable and is relied upon by everyone at the Reading LTS. She is always the first one at LTS early in the morning and makes sure the doors are open come rain, snow, or shine.  Beth has worked with Mary Grimmer since 1997 in her family daycare. Beth puts the “family” in the “family business” Beth is Mary’s sister-in-law and they have been family for over 40 years. Beth has a passion for children and the families at Little Treasures.  She loves to plant creative seeds with the teachers around her and watch her ideas grow.  Beth is an amazing and inspiring woman.  The staff, children, and families can’t help but love Miss Beth! Her typical day includes giving tours, organizing fundraising activities, managing the daily routine of the school as well as supporting children and their families.


Debby Alter - TAS Director & Music Teacher

Debby founded the Treasures After School (TAS) program in 2004.  Her enthusiasm makes it the success it is today.  Debby is both our TAS Administrator as well as our Music Teacher.  Debby also creates school newsletters, summer programs, and school vacation programs.  Debby is fun-loving, charismatic, vibrant, and youthful! Each day she consistently greets her after-school students with a kind comment or compliment.  Her music classes are much more than just singing songs or playing instruments.  Music classes with Miss Debby are fully engaging and bursting with energy.  Miss Debby initiated our Winter and Spring Shows.  Our shows have become events that children, staff, and parents look forward to each year.

Robin McLaughlin - Director of Program Development

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Madelyn Rivera - North Reading Director

Madelyn is the founding Director of the Little Treasures – North Reading Location. Madelyn has been with LTS since 2018.  Madelyn has over 20 years in the Early Childhood field. Madelyn played an instrumental role in the success of the LTS – North Reading School.  Madelyn’s strong work ethic, nurturing personality and positive outlook creates an incredibly warm environment for the children, parents, and staff.  Madelyn’s goal is to provide and maintain the greatest environment where children are safe, can grow, and thrive while exploring the world around them.  Madelyn’s passion is to support children to learn and reach their greatest potential. Madelyn loves to help and support families, children, and her educators.  Madelyn is a strong leader in the early childhood education field.  Little Treasures is lucky to have her.

Kara Tremblay - Reading Director

 Kara has been in the Early Childhood Education field for over 26 years, having taught children ranging from infancy to School-age. Kara joined the Little Treasures family at the beginning of 2015, starting as a Preschool Teacher, moving into the role of Director in 2018. Kara strives to ensure the safety and well-being of all the children in her care, as well as implementing a program focused on recognizing each child’s individual needs while encouraging others to do the same.  Kara’s reliability, dependability, and dedication to providing a warm and friendly school environment for her educators show in the cohesive work environment and close-knit family-like atmosphere.   

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