Little Treasures is the place you would create for your children if you closed your eyes and wished really hard for the perfect location, the perfect people, the perfect schedule and the perfect curriculum. Little Treasures is where they know what parents need in real life because they are real life parents. Teachers welcome the children with smiles and enthusiasm, hugs and praise. Little Treasures is the place where pick-ups are harder than drop-offs because the kids just don’t want to leave. I am thankful everyday for this safe, loving and supportive school.

Linda J.

There isn’t enough paper in the world to express how I feel about Little Treasures!! I will try to express my love and admiration in a small paragraph-not an easy task.

Little Treasures is a loving, kind, caring environment. When I drop off my child each day, she is so happy to be there and I know she will receive outstanding care and attention. The home like atmosphere is such a wonderful quality. The teachers at Little Treasures have become an extended family to our family. They all love my child like she is their own. Miss Penny, my daughter’s teacher, has given my daughter increased confidence in herself and she has been pivotal in helping my child reach her milestones for kindergarten. We as a family are so grateful for all of the kindness and individualized attention Miss Penny has given our child. Our daughter is flourishing. She is so lucky to have had such a wonderful pre-k teacher.

The staff at Little Treasures is so close knit and their love for children emanates throughout the school. It is a daily privilege to be part of the Little Treasures family. I am so grateful they have been part of our lives-their teaching and love will never be forgotten.

The day we have to leave in June will be my saddest (especially for my daughter).


Words cannot say how grateful we are to all of your for the love and special care you have given to our children over the past 5 years! It will be bittersweet to drive by the doors of LTS and know that we were once part of such a special place.

No one ever told us that to watch your children grow can break your heart as they move on from one place in their lives to the next. You all have a special place in our hearts.

Nancy L.

LTSH provides a safe, warm, caring environment for children. The owners, teachers, and staff are competent and have built a school community with a close family like atmosphere. We are delighted as parents, because we expect nothing less for our children.

David S.

This is our third year at Little Treasures and we love the warm and welcoming environment. Our son just loves his school and his teachers and our oldest daughter is still sad that she is no longer a student at LTSH! Not only did she have fun and meet new friends, but she learned so much – beyond letters and numbers – including science, art, music and culture. We are thrilled to see our son experiencing the same. The ‘homey’ feel of the school helps the children to adjust to school-life and they are so engaged with the daily routine and fun events. Mary and the rest of the teachers/staff truly care about each child. We will definitely be sending our third child there in a few years!

Kim M.

My daughter has been attending Little Treasures Schoolhouse for 3 years and loves it! All the teachers have been great with the kids, patient, loving and very understanding. She has made great friends at LTSH and learned so much – very well prepared for kindergarten next year. I could not be happier with our experience at LTHS.

Suzanne P.

I am a mother of 4 children and love Little Treasures Schoolhouse. With a low turn-over rate, the staff developmentally understands children. They are particularly good at dealing with children who have a hard time transitioning away from Mom…they have been wonderful with my children. I would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend them.

Carla N.

Little Treasures is a wonderful school that has exceeded my expectations. The teachers and staff are experienced, professional, caring, and creative. They offer a robust curriculum filled with ‘extras,’ such as art, music, science, field trips, and guest speakers.

My daughter has gained self-confidence in the full-day pre-school program and seems to be learning something new every day. I am confident she will have an advantage when she enters kindergarten because of the strong curriculum at Little Treasures.

Tracey B.

My husband and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at LTSH. our children have experienced and learned so much each year at LTSH. the teachers are all experienced and great communicators! THANK YOU LTSH

Tina S.

Two years ago, when I urgently needed a daycare for my younger daughter, Mary gave me a hand. When she first came to LTS without knowing any English, teachers cared for her and taught her with great patience. I still remembered that I used to call LTS two to three times a day to check on her. Teachers had to guess why she was crying, what she needed, and try to figure out how to communicate with her when she did not know English and the teachers did not know Chinese. She cried and slept in many teachers’ arms. Until now, she is fluent in English and becomes a little social girl who likes to make friends and do homework and projects. LTS nurtures both my daughters in their early childhood and provides them a safe and happy environment. I really appreciate all the teachers in LTS with all my heart.


I would love to say a few great things about LTSH. As you may remember I made the decision to transition my daughter from the daycare/pre-school that she had been in since she was 4 months old (at my work location) to a pre-school in our town. I quickly found LTSH’s website and set up a tour. From that moment I felt the warmth from the staff and students. I enrolled my daughter and neither of us have looked back. Her teachers are amazing and all of the staff I’ve interacted with are the same. I can’t say enough about this school!


Little Treasures has provided our children with a warm and nurturing environment for the past 4 years. They love coming here and as parents we feel a great deal of comfort knowing that our children are being cared for by such a caring and experienced staff! I don’t know what I would do without LTS!

the Cogswells

Little Treasures Schoolhouse is Reading’s Treasure for our kids-
Five gold stars for care and education.

Craig H.

The teachers at LTSH are wonderful. When we arrive in the morning every teacher gives us a warm hello and a smile. I feel good about leaving my children in such a secure and loving environment. They make every child feel special. I feel lucky to have found such a wonderful place.

Melissa Z.

We love LTS. All the teacher’s know our daughter’s name even though she has not been in their class. It is a warm and very friendly environment. She attends 3 days a week and wishes it was more.

Kerri M.

The children form strong relationships with one another as well as the teachers. Teachers and parents work together to provide the best overall pre-school experience for each individual child.

My daughter was overjoyed to ride the yellow school bus to the farm and the zoo! Great field trip opportunities!

Special events and days throughout the year make the kids WANT to go to school! (IE: Crazy hat day, Red Sox Opening Day Lunch). My daughter feels special every day!

Ricki S.

We have been a part of the LTSH family for over 3 years. It truly is like being part of the family. My children on the mornings they know they are going to LTSH are up and ready to go! They love the teachers, the field trips, the activities, and the play ground! The staff is warm, compassionate, easy to talk to, welcoming and most of all caring. The entire staff goes above and beyond to help, accommodate and assist any need. I have a 2 year old who soon will be ready for preschool, and there is nowhere else I would send him, but to the LTSH!

Tara G.

Our son has been attending Little Treasure’s for five years. The staff has always been friendly and attentive to our needs, as well as having good communication.

We feel that Little Treasures has had a very positive influence on his
development and his personality. Great job!!

Dan & Shannon M.

I love Little Treasures; all three of my children have been a part of this wonderful school. We feel that the teachers and staff are very well trained and truly care about each child.

Erin & Greg M.

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