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Lynnfield School – Full Day Program

Little Treasures Schoolhouse, Lynnfield offers care for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Prekindergartners

photoLynnfield Baby Room JPEG 11-10-14Baby Room JPEG 11-10-14Baby Room Cribs 11-10-14Baby Room Crib View 11-10-14Baby Room Cozy Area 11-10-14 JPEG

Little Treasures Lynnfield Toddler RoomLittle Treasures Lynnfield Preschool RoomLittle Treasures Lynnfield PreK ClassLittle Treasures Lynnfield PreK ClassSandroomLynnfield3

Backyard5 Backyard3

Little Treasures Schoolhouse, Inc., Lynnfield

320 Broadway Street, Lynnfield, MA

Contact Mary Grimmer, Owner/Director:
Phone: 781-593-7907


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