Our mission is to provide a positive learning experience for all our children by encouraging their natural curiosity about the world around them. We know that in giving them a strong foundation, their love of learning will continue to grow. We also embrace family as an essential part of the LTS experience. We model a celebration of individuality and each family’s uniqueness. This results in a wonderful feeling of self-confidence.

Our goal is to ensure that each child who graduates from our program is prepared for kindergarten and the grades beyond. We will work with parents, the public school system, and when necessary, community resources, to assure each child’s future success in their education. Our program’s goals and objectives include supporting families as they are their children’s first and most important teachers.

Our classrooms are set up to encourage exploration through various hands on activities. At this age, children learn through play. Our teachers develop curriculum as teams, so that drawing upon each other’s strengths and experience is inherent to the process. Teachers also develop lesson plans by listening to their children. To enhance children’s natural curiosity they are exposed to a curriculum filled with many different topics. They are given opportunities to be creative, independent thinkers and decision makers.

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